A TV Wishlist

Recently I have had several great TV ideas that I am going to turn into a “FANTASTIC” wishlist for all of you to look at.

1. Of course let’s start with an obvious one that will increase ratings and money earned, listen to the audience more of course. Now a days it seems relatively random what’s on TV and sometimes people want to make a change to a show but they don’t bother because they know corporate big wigs aren’t going to listen. It is quite obvious that listening to viewers’ ideas is an easy way to boost rating but it still hasn’t happened.

2. Fix Sesame Street! Recently there have been many changes to the popular kids show. They have ruined the show trying to please the parents of the kids watching the show. They have succumbed to the pressure and have in turn ruined an American classic.

3. Spend more time on new ideas. There have been quite a few new shows in recent years but most seem to have been created in 5 minutes. I want to see something new that people will watch. I need some variety and I want it now! Shows that are still running are running out of ideas. I want to see a show that is running out of ideas i.e. The Simpsons, do something different like air an episode with no commercials or something simple like that.


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