Process of Buying a New TV

Everyone knows how to buy a TV but do they know how to do it correctly? Don’t take this the wrong way but most people just want the biggest and the flattest TV’s but there is quite a bit more to factor in. By the end of this post you should be a TV buying expert.

1. First, find a dealer ,preferably close by, who has cheap prices and can be negotiated with. Generally it is pretty easy to talk an employee into droppingĀ  $100.

2. Set standards for the TV you want to buy i.e. 120 Hz 1080p etc. Knowing these things will help you narrow your choices down.

3. Find a brand of TV that to help narrow your choices. There are many to choose from: Sony, Panasonic, Insignia, Samsung, and LG to name a few. Generally try and stick with a trusted brand that is well reviewed on their TV’s. If you can’t choose 1 brand choose 2 or 3 and choose only a couple of models from each.

4. The next logical step is to see which of the TV’s you have chosen are available nearby. It is best to find a store nearby to save on shipping and to cut down on transport time.

5. Out of the TV’s available nearby, find the ones with the most features for the best price. This should narrow you down to 2 or 3 TV’s.

6. All that’s left is to choose one that looks good where you’re going to put it and you’ll have successfully chosen a new TV! The only things left to do are to find a mode of transport for the new TV and to pay for it.

Trusted dealers of TV’s: (or in store) (only from trusted sellers) (or in store)


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