Fox’s Recent Animation Domination

On the most recent Animation Domination brought to you by of course, Fox, seemed to have improved since earlier in the year. The most recent Simpsons was funny at times and closer to the par of the first 10-12 seasons of the Simpsons. Not there, but close, the episode seemed to have a storyline that kept you interested and occasionally a funny joke, overall, its worth watching. The Cleveland Show was once again, not good, as most of its episodes have been since the show started. The show has fresh ideas but they don’t know what to do with them. Family Guy was on par with some of the funnier episodes of Family Guy. It had some classic Family Guy humor which was nice to see. Bob’s Burgers was slightly better that normal story wise but humor was lacking. It had an occasional humorous scene, but not many. I have yet to see American Dad but so far this is an Animation Domination worth watching. Hats off to you Fox, and the other people who bring us Animation Domination, For a night of good TV.


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