Unrelated Post: Innovative IPad Case

The iPad Nuud is a new innovative case from the company LifeProof, who specializes in making invincible iPhone and iPad cases. Recently the have added a new case to their collection: the iPad Nuud. The Nuud case is a “LifeProof” case that is resistant to dirt, snow, water, food, and a multitude of other substances not suitable for the iPad. One feature that might appeal to everyone of all ages, is the shock proof casing. We’re not talking about electricity here, were talking about dropping your iPad on the floor. The case absorbs the shock from collision with the floor making your iPad virtually invincible. This next feature may seem crazy, but here goes, there is no cover for the screen. Yup, your screen is completely open while doing all this. When you get it dirty, you just wash if off with water and it’s all better. All buttons on the iPad are accessible while the case is on. The case also features sound improvement technology, playing out of the iPad of course, not an external speaker or headphone. Thanks to this case you can now film underwater with your iPad. If you wanted to, you could even eat off of it. You might want to sit down for this one though, this useful case will run you about $120 with a cover/stand or $100 without a cover/stand, or of course you could go with the classic LifeProof case for $60.One question though: What abhttp://www.lifeproof.com/shop/us_en/ipad/out screen scratches?

There website: http://www.lifeproof.com/shop/us_en/ipad/


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